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Tondah Consulting Group (formerly known as Watson Rice Consulting Group).

Tondah is medium-sized accounting firm with offices in New York and New Jersey. In 2003, Tondah began as an consulting firm whose goal was to provide clients with highest quality skills and services. Today, Tondah is one of the most noted and respected firms of its kind. As the former management advisory arm of Watson Rice LLP, we are culturally diverse firm with a proven track record of helping clients improve financial and operational performance.
Tondah offers broad industry expertise in sering public sector clients: government, not-for-profit, and health care organizations.

More than 70% of our client base operates in public arena. All told, we've served dozens of community-based agencies - helping them to enhance their operations, maximize their growth, and ensure their economic viability. Tondah firmly understands the challenges facing public sector clients. Financial pressures are increasing. Reporting requirements are more onerous. Funding sources are demanding complex documentation. Tondah help clients navigate the ever-widening maze of regulations and requirements so they can reach their strategic destination.
Tondah delivers the highest levels of client service

Rendered by senior advisors with decades of combined expertise in all aspect of planning, finance, inventory and supply, transportation, computers and manpower by assisting with technology delivery services;
  • designing and implementing management information systems in both the public and private sectors
  • establishing long-range strategic planning programs
  • improving material controls, from consumer goods sales forecasting to manufacturing planning and control
  • developing data processing strategies including long-range planning
  • equipment and software evaluation and selection
  • telecommunication network and security evaluation and planning
  • analyzing and improving administration-organization, methods, procedures, productivity and controls
We work closely with our clients, to help them achieve their goals.